We know people have been waiting a long time for this, but it’s finally here. We’re obviously as excited as anybody that this day has finally come, and we hope you guys enjoy what we’ve been working on. There’s been a lot of man hours that have gone into this, but we really feel like it was a job worth doing well & putting in those extra hours for. We’re both very proud of what we’ve made & feel that it’s something quite unique, and we’re very humbled by the reactions from the community.

My advice is to go and check out the themes rather than sit read this; we’re happy to let the quality of our work speak for itself. Take a look at what’s on offer and let us know your thoughts too.

What’s in the Bundle?

As it currently stands, on launch day. There’s 10 core themes with unique designs and functionality. Shipped with that are a handful of variations, the very tip of what we have in store for you. There’s also a custom made Icon set, and a few discount codes from a few close friends with amazing products. Everything in the Bundle includes free updates and support for life.

What’s Still to Come

There’s still a huge deal of content still to come, which anybody who buys the bundle will have free access to. A lot of the build time on this Bundle has been spent making 70+ unique variations of the 10 core themes. All of these additional themes are going to be released incrementally. The reason they’re not being released at launch? Quite honestly we just felt it was time you guys got to get your hands on something.

So a large part of what we’ve been cooking up over the months is still to come. More details of these themes will be coming soon, as will actual releases, but we’d still appreciate any feedback/suggestions on what you’d like to see from future releases.

Building something Unique

We’ve set out to create a completely unique product. A completely hand made and custom bundle of Themes that have had some real craftsmanship applied to them, built by two guys: Liam McKay and Spencer Finnell. We never set out to pack in loads and loads of items just for the sake of it: the focus is very much on high quality, high detail and a passion for what we are building.

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