It’s been a busy few months working on WPBundle, the main focus has been on updating all the themes to the latest WordPress version and updating both the front-end and theme framework.

The themes were the Woothemes custom framework, this has been discontinued for quite some time and was fully integrated with the themes. De-coupling the two has proved to be a challenge!

Knowledgebase Theme

Instead of updating all the themes and releasing all of the themes in one go it was decided to release them as they are ready. So Knowledgebase was the first one on the chopping block.

Knowledgebase has some nice features, it’s a perfect fit for those looking for a simple WordPress support theme solution. There are 3 main post types “Questions”, “Documentation” and “Resources” where users can submit their own, these are then saved under “User Drafts” ready to be allocated to one of the 3 topics.

View then Knowledgebase WP theme here for more detail.

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