As well as welcoming a new theme today, we’ve also been busy working on a few improvements to the themes so far. You can find out more about the new variation, which is available to download for free to existing customers, on the blog. Today’s fixes are as follows:


19.01.2011 – Version
* Added ‘post_status’ => ‘publish’ to theme-functions.php to stop unpublished posts from showing.
* Fixed bug that caused wrong posts to show when switching tabs in the sortable tabs via theme-functions.php


19.01.2011 – Version 0.1.4
* Updated for “Soft” child theme. Few things sectioned off into template parts.
* Added menu in the footer
* Removed introduction theme option (no longer used)

SnapBlog Soft Blue

New Theme:

Personalize Green

19.01.2011 – Version 0.1.1
* Fixed theme name.


19.01.2011 – Version
* Fixed another fatal error in single.php

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