One of the most awesome things about Partnering with WooThemes is the fact that you’ll have access to their amazing support system. WooThemes will use their support staff and wide knowledge of all things code & WordPress to help you through any problems with our themes.

Visit the Support Forum

To View the WPBundle Support forum you need to be a WPBundle customer, and once you have your details you can Login to Support on the WooThemes forum.

What Can I use the Forum for?

If you run in to any difficulties related to any of our Themes, you’ll be able to search, browse, or ask a question in the forums. Anybody who is familiar with WooThemes or has heard about their excellent support staff will know just how useful this can be when you’re having issues with any themes.

Me and Spencer will also be on hand in the forums, and via email for support, so there will be plenty of people on hand ready to support you.

Theme Documentation

Each theme comes with regularly updated theme documentation. We’ve already covered many of the functions and features in each theme, so make sure to check these out before making a support request. Find the theme you need help on and select the Documentation below:

Diverse Documentation
Nimble Documentation
Knowledgebase Documentation
Work & Play Documentation
Focused Documentation
Essence Documentation
Practical Documentation
Snapblog Documentation
Personalize Documentation
Roaming Documentation

General Questions or Requests

If you’re looking to get help on something that isn’t directly related to a technical issue of the Bundle you could always Contact us direct. No support requests will be dealt with via email, only pre-sales questions etc. will be answered via email, everything else will be referred to the support forums.

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