Nimble WPBundle Theme

The next Spotlight Theme we’re making $15 cheaper is Nimble. Nimble is a beautiful Tumblog (micro-blogging) style WordPress Theme. Each post type has it’s own unique style, function and layout, and thanks to an advanced QuickPress option you can add new posts directly from your dashboard.

Full view of Nimble Homepage

Perfect for anything from your own personal blog or journal, to a status blog for your site or company. With quick publishing from your Dashboard homepage there’s now even less clicks involved in getting your posts published out there with little fuss.

1 of 4 Variations: Nimble Blue

A quick run down of what’s included

The theme currently comes in 4 different styles and all future updates and variations are free, all for $35. As an added bonus this theme also comes with our Icon Set, absolutely free.Or you can buy the Full Bundle and get this, plus 10 other items for only $200. Full theme details here.

The variations currently available are: Blue, Green, Cork, and the Parent theme. To learn more about Nimble or to Buy Now, simply view the Nimble page.

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