As well as releasing some new themes we’ve also been working hard to improve the way our core themes work. If you’ve had any problems with any of our themes it’s advised that you download the latest release from your dashboard. It includes the new themes, and all of the fixes we’ve worked on since launch. Don’t forget to report any issues you have in our support forums too.


10.01.2011 – Version
* Updated jquery.custom.js equalHeight calls to fix grid issues.


10.01.2011 – Version
* Updated woo_filter_page_title to display the site name instead of “Knowledgebase”
* Updated knowledgebase.po (was empty before)
* Added filters for post type slugs in theme-functions.php


10.01.2011 – Version
* Updated gallery.php to reset query (caused mutliple posts to show)


10.01.2010 – Version
* Updated support.php and theme-options.php for a functional contact form.

New Additions

Knowledgebase Purple With Images. Details.
Knowledgebase Blue With Images. Details.

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