Roaming Live is a child variation of our Roaming theme. We’ve gone for a less textured, and much simpler approach with the focus around an events or music blog, obviously you can still use it for absolutely anything and modify it as you see fit. From $50, or free to existing customers.

Roaming Live. Child Theme

Demo Roaming Live

There’s still a high level of quality and attention to detail, but with a much simpler approach. This not only makes modifications much simpler and quicker, but it now makes the Roaming theme much more diverse and possible to use in many more situations.

Screenshots of Roaming Live

As you can see it’s very different (in style) to the Parent theme Roaming, but it’s still got the core features, amazing event’s pages and blog posts. Every details has been considered and tastefully done, there’s a very modern and clean feel throughout the new theme but enough character to keep it interesting. Just like Roaming, this variation also supports big and beautiful photography.

Buy & Download Roaming: Live

You can buy this theme, as well as it’s parent theme and all other variations of Roaming. Or you can get all 50+ Items we have for sale for only $200, which includes everything on our website as well as this and all future updates and new releases for life

$200 Buy Full Bundle $50 Buy Roaming

Existing Roaming or Bundle customers will receive an update URL, or you can use your previous download URL that was sent to you at the time of your original purchase.

Other Theme Updates and Fixes

Along with this release we’ve also released some fixes to the Roaming parent theme, as well as many of the Diverse child theme variations. Again, all Bundle, Roaming or Diverse owners customers can just download the latest zip for all of the fixes.

Please let us know what you think about this new release, comment below or tweet us.

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