ReForum is a fresh look at how forums can look. Built from the ground up to be quick and easy to browse, we think we’ve come up with something that makes exploring and participating in discussions easier than ever. The theme also comes with a blog style layout, which you can use on it’s own, or alongside your bbPress forum. The bbPress plugin is required (and free) for ReForum to work.

ReForum WordPress Theme

Demo ReForum Theme – or the Light Variation

Making a forum theme that stood out and looked unique was a challenge, but one that we absolutely loved. We used soft combinations of textures and surfaces to achieve the final look, but we’ve also included a stripped-back “light” version which can be the perfect starting point for your own modifications. Be sure to check out the demo to fully appreciate the theme in all it’s glory.

Screenshots of ReForum

The theme requires the bbPress plugin (free) – Simply install the plugin and then upload and activate the theme as you would normally. We’ve been waiting for a good time to release this theme, and we feel the current proggres of the bbPress plugin is a great system to kick-off with, and we anticipate much better things from the bbPress plugin in the coming weeks and months.

$10 off for the next 7 days

To celebrate the brand new release: Until Monday the 25th of July you can grab this theme for only $40 (for an individual licence). No coupon needed, we’ve simply altered the item price for this week.

Buy & Download ReForum

You can buy this theme on it’s own, which includes the parent theme and all other variations of Reforum for only $50. Or you can get all 60+ Items we have for sale for only $200, which includes everything on our website as well as this and all future updates and new releases for life

$200 Buy Full Bundle $50 Buy ReForum

Existing Bundle customers will receive an update URL, or you can use your previous download URL that was sent to you at the time of your original purchase.

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