We’re happy to announce that from today you can now buy individual themes at WPBundle for only $50. Any individual theme sales include free support, updates and child theme variations, plus access to our ever growing Icon set. We’ve also reduced the price of the full Bundle to only $200.

What’s New

Individual Theme Sales. $50/each.
– Dropped full Bundle price to $200.
– Plans for Mini-Bundles
– New Payment system and Digital Delivery via Quixly
– New Support Forums
– Design tweaks to the main site.

Why we’ve done this

From the start of the project we’ve had a lot of people requesting individual theme sales. We’ve never been against the idea, but there was a few reasons why we didn’t feel right doing this, one of which was our name! It felt strange moving away from bundles, because of that, but we understand the demand and need for cheaper options.

Our partnership with WooThemes is no longer in effect. We’re still using their framework, plus we’re still really good friends with the WooThemes guys, but WooThemes quite rightly didn’t not want to be part of the new direction as they have to focus their attention on their own products and they felt that the new direction was a little too close to what they already do. It was all very mature and organic, but it does now mean we can take WPBundle in a new direction.

Mini-Bundles Coming Soon

We decided that we’d like to stick with the Bundle aspect, and look at offering Mini-Bundles. Customers can pick and choose their own items and put together their own Bundle at a cheaper price.

This feature isn’t possible yet as we’re waiting on a new system that will allow this sort of thing, but for now we’ve decided to just open up the bundle and offer individual theme sales.

The Benefits of the New System

There’s many benefits to the new direction. Especially for existing Bundle buyers. We’ll now be adding brand new themes to the Bundle, not just variations. We’re constantly increasing the value of the bundle, adding new items and giving them to existing buyers at no extra cost.

Information for Existing Customers

All you need to do is set up your new password.

If you do this we will give you a username and password to the email address you used to sign up with us originally. Once you have done this you can then login to the new Support Forums. This is completely separate from your WooThemes account and will not effect it in any way. This is a new system and the two accounts are completely independent.

10% off for the next three days

For the next 3 days you can use the coupon code: WPBUNDLE2011 to get 10% off any purchase.

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