Since launch (and for some time before) we’ve been working on some heavy modifications of our core themes. Today we can release the first of many many many of these. All of these heavy modifications, or child themes, will be released free to all WPBundle customers.

Knowledgebase: With Images

Click to Demo Theme

To show how versatile the Knowledgebase theme is, we’ve been working on a variation that takes it away from being mostly text based, and gone for something far more visual and interesting to the eye. We’re all about giving you variety; variety of uses and variety of styles, so you can now use Knowledgebase for far more than you’d imagine.

Some more Theme Screenshots

We’ve done more than just add featured images to the theme. We’ve completely re-styled it to give you something completely different to work with, and to show just how versatile our themes are.

Demo the New Themes

Demo Knowledgebase with Images
Demo The same: with Sidebar

More Updates + Download instructions

To Download the latest release which includes the new themes, as well as the following fixes and updates listed below, simply log-in to your WooThemes dashboard and re-download the themes bundle. Simple.

Buy The Bundle & This Theme

If you don’t already have The Bundle you can buy this variation, as well as around 50 other themes and variations in the bundle, which also includes this Icon Set, from the sidebar, or start the buy process now. Everything is included for only $250.

Practical Updates

06.01.2010 – Version 0.1.3
* Fixed Twitter Links in both header and footer (typos)
* Created templates for many sections of the static homepage for easier child themes.

Diverse Updates

06.01.2011 – Version 0.1.4
* Removed old code in theme-functions.php causing non-fatal error. Ref.

Knowledgebase Updates

06.01.2011 – Version 0.1.3
* Removed last comment from sidebar.php (causing AJAX return error)
* Allows custom logo to be uploaded replacing the tagline.
* Fixed menu padding and added hover state.

Roaming Updates

06.01.2011 – Version 0.1.4
* Fixed footer alignment in Firefox via style.css
* Made Twitter BG larger
* Updated bookmark link to use jQuery Plugin
* Moved Spotlight navigation down a bit.

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