To stay in-line with the recent updates to some of our more popular themes (another should be coming later this week), I’m happy to announce version 0.2 of Knowledgebase. Like the Diverse update, these changes are almost all code re-factoring/restructuring, and improvements. The major changes include:

  • Rewritten sorting methods when filtering content types.
  • More dynamic creation of post types to allow for easier additions/removal.
  • Security hardening.
  • Custom Post Type Migration (more below)
  • Complete re-work of all jQuery (to fix bugs)
  • get_template_part() is now being properly utilized, and incorrect calls now use locate_template()
  • Built in Custom Headers and Custom Backgrounds

Other Changes:

  • A few Theme Options have been removed. Please use a plugin instead.
  • Add Featured Images to RSS has been removed, as it was not properly supported by the WooFramework
  • The theme no longer loads a 404 for custom.css or default.css
  • Blank Custom Meta Boxes have been removed from certain post types.
  • Custom Post Types and Shortcodes extracted from theme-functions.php for portability.
  • “Add New > Post” link removed from admin bar.

One of the most subtle changes, that effects the most people (everyone) is the renaming of the Custom Post Types. They were improperly named before, using a mixture of singular and plural strings, that didn’t apply to the content they were trying to convey. The new content type IDs are: question (replaces ‘questions’), document (replaces ‘documentation’), resoure (replaces ‘resources’), and user_draft (replaces ‘userdrafts’).

WPBundle Knowledgebase Post Type Migrator

In order to migrate posts to the new post types, I have made a simple plugin. Simply activate this plugin once and your content will automatically be restored. That is all you have to do.`

Download Plugin

If you have edited theme files, or CSS without using a Child Theme, please do not simply overwrite your files. You will need to manually add your changes back in, and this time use a Child Theme! If you have only edited the CSS, you should be able to replace all of the files except the CSS, and then manually update the fixes included in this update. Or redo it using a child theme!

Get the Update or Buy

Existing Bundle customers (or people who purchased Knowledgebase individually) will receive an update URL, or you can use your previous download URL that was sent to you at the time of your original purchase.

$200 Buy Full Bundle $50 Buy Knowledgebase

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post in the Support Forums.

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