In this latest update we’ve added default .po files to each theme to allow for easy translation. If you can help us translate any of the themes into different languages for the good of the community please drop us a line and help us out, we’ll make sure to give you full credit for any translations that you submit. We’ve also updated a few other themes.

All Themes

20.12.2010 – Version 0.1.x
* Added default .po file for translation.


19.12.2010 – Version 0.1.2
* Updated jquery.custom.js to more reliably calculate the size of the featured area.


20.12.2010 – Version 0.1.3
* Added default .po file for translation.

12.19.2010 – Version
* Fixed links not clickable on search page in jquery.custom.js
* Removed option for custom style sheet in theme-optinos.php

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