If you have any more issues, please do let us know in the support forums. We’re working through all reported bugs as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and for those who have helped by reporting bugs. Thanks.

All Themes

17.12.2010 – Version 0.1.x
* Removed actions from theme-actions.php

All Diverse Child Themes

17.12.2010 – Version 0.1.1
* Changed overflow:auto; to overflow:hidden; on #main-body, #featured (line 215)


08.17.2010 – Version 0.1.2
* When comments are disabled, the .post-meta no longer shrinks (offsetting the title) line 742 in style.css.
* Menu now is properly vertically aligned in Firefox. style.css line 670.

Work & Play

17.12.2010 – Version 0.1.2
* Added back to the site sidebar-single.php follow links
* Fixed custom RSS URL not being used. (sidebar-single.php)
* Removed actions from theme-actions.php


12.15.2010 – Version 0.1.2
* Removed actions from theme-actions.php
* Gallery images now link to full size images.
* Permalink anchor now properly reflects current position.


17.12.2010 – Version 0.1.1
* Fixed custom RSS Feed URL (includes/templates/social.php)

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