WPBundle Launches. World Exhales.

We know people have been waiting a long time for this, but it’s finally here. We’re obviously as excited as anybody that this day has finally come, and we hope you guys enjoy what we’ve been working on. There’s been a lot of man hours that have gone into this,Read More

Support Explained: How to Get Help

One of the most awesome things about Partnering with WooThemes is the fact that you’ll have access to their amazing support system. WooThemes will use their support staff and wide knowledge of all things code & WordPress to help you through any problems with our themes. Visit the Support ForumRead More

What’s Still to Come: Free Updates

Our launch date was moved forward to allow you to get your hands on the Bundle before we could include everything we’ve been working on. This is great news for you as you’ve got plenty of themes available to you at launch. But a big part of what we’ve spentRead More

Discount Codes Explained

As a thank you for those early adopters and supporters among you, we set some discount codes (as promised) – If you have not yet received your code, go and check the email address that you signed up to our Newsletter with. We cannot send the codes to any otherRead More

Submit to The Showcase: Win an iPad

We’ve got an awesome showcase page set up, ready to display your blogs on. Once you’ve installed one of our themes on your blog and made some modifications to make it unique, reply here, or send an email to the WPBundle Showcase and We’ll go through the submissions, adding theRead More