A New Year, a fresh start!

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a while since anything was done on WPBundle. I’ve been working hard to get a new theme out and it’s coming soon, I promise! Knowledgebase Theme is now free The Knowledgebase theme is now available for anyone who is looking for a simpleRead More

WordPress Knowledgebase Theme

It’s been a busy few months working on WPBundle, the main focus has been on updating all the themes to the latest WordPress version and updating both the front-end and theme framework. The themes were the Woothemes custom framework, this has been discontinued for quite some time and was fully integratedRead More

WPBundle has a new owner!

For the last 4 years WPBundle has been laying dormant, but all of that is about to change. Here’s what’s coming soon… Updates First on the chopping block is updating all the current themes. This includes replacing all deprecated functions and sorting out all the bugs, we will also takingRead More

WPBundle is Looking for a New Owner

As many of you have noticed, we haven’t made any updates to WPBundle in the last 2+ years. That’s why we would like to find a new owner for the entire project, someone who could continue to create beautiful themes or other WordPress-related products. What you’ll get: – Everything thatRead More

The Dealotto Bundle

Just a quick note to let you know that WPBundle is part of the Dealotto bundle. Get 10 amazing design goods for less than $30. The cool thing about this bundle is that your luck decides the price you pay. The luckier you are the less you pay. You couldRead More