We’ve worked with a fantastic Icon designer, Prekesh, to bring you 30 more icons for the bundle. We’ll be adding more icons very soon from both ourselves, and this new style that Prekesh has brought to the set. All existing customers have received the new icons as a free upgrade.

You can check your emails for the update. If the email was lost in spam, you can always re-download using the original download link sent to your email at the time of purchase.

New to WPBundle?

If you’re new to WPBundle, please remember these icons are for sale for $25 as part of our now 211 strong Icon Set, or get them free with any theme or Bundle on our site.
+ All future updates will be sent to you for free.

Upcoming Theme News

We’re very excited to have Jo Klima working on a design for us at the moment. She’s a fantastic designer, and one that we are a huge fan of. It’s a huge thing for us to collaborate with other designers, as it’s such a personal project, but I think that goes a long way to showing just how much we admire Jo’s work.

Not only that, but we’ve got a fresh Roaming variation coming very soon, as well as a brand new theme from ourselves. Exciting times ahead for sure.

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