You voted for it. So here it is. This weeks spotlight theme is Diverse. That means you can pick it up for only $35. Diverse currently comes with 5 variations, our Icon set, plus future variations and updates sent to you for free. Top quality support is also included in the one-time payment.

Screenshots: Diverse Parent Theme

As you can see the Diverse theme caters for easy exploration of large amounts of content. There’s plenty of ways to browse and explore posts, all displayed in a easy to digest way. We’ve also worked on some beautiful style and colour variations.

Diverse Blue Variation

Take advantage of this deal and Buy Now. Or browse the theme info and more style variations, Pink, Orange, Green – You’ll also receive future variations of this theme absolutely free.

Vote for $15 off the next Spotlight Theme

Read the Details of the vote. We’ll keep all previous votes in play for this week, but obviously votes for Diverse will no longer be counted.

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