ReForum – New bbPress Theme

ReForum is a fresh look at how forums can look. Built from the ground up to be quick and easy to browse, we think we’ve come up with something that makes exploring and participating in discussions easier than ever. The theme also comes with a blog style layout, which you can use on it’s own, or alongside your bbPress forum. The bbPress plugin is required (and free) for ReForum to work.

ReForum WordPress Theme

Demo ReForum Theme – or the Light Variation

Making a forum theme that stood out and looked unique was a challenge, but one that we absolutely loved. We used soft combinations of textures and surfaces to achieve the final look, but we’ve also included a stripped-back “light” version which can be the perfect starting point for your own modifications. Be sure to check out the demo to fully appreciate the theme in all it’s glory.

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New Theme: Personalize “Rounded”

As a huge part of our plan from the very beginning, we’re having great fun working on these child theme variations. Today we are releasing the latest of these: Personalize Rounded. It follows the same structure and layout as it’s parent theme, but we’ve gone for a much softer and textured feel.

Personalize Rounded (Stone)

WordPress Bundle: WPBundle - Personalize Rounded Child Theme
Demo Personalize Rounded

Explore the demo (above) and you’ll see the beautiful subtle details that make the theme special. We’ve basically boxed up the content, worked on some texture work and tried something a little different with the type and various other images around the theme.

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New Theme: Practical Soft Green

Last week we released a soft blue variation of our Practical theme. Today we have released the green variation. We’ve packed in lots of custom textures & patterns, all done incredibly subtly of course. There’s a fantastic organic feel about this theme, and it’s available for download now.

Practical Soft (Green)

Practical Soft. Green. WordPress Theme by WPBundle
Demo Practical Soft Green

Be sure to try out the demo to get a real feel for all of the various subtle details included in the theme. There’s all the same great features that are included in the parent theme: Practical, but we’ve heavily modified it to offer you more variation within the Bundle.

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New Theme: Practical Soft Blue Theme

We got the “new themes” ball rolling recently with our release of the Knowledgebase with Images variation. Today we’re back with a new variation, in short, it’s basically a softer, more organic & textured version of the Practical theme, which it uses as a parent theme.

Practical Soft (Blue)

Practical Soft. Blue. WordPress Theme by WPBundle
Demo Practical Soft Blue

In this, the first release of the “Practical Soft” variations, you can see all the subtle textures and custom fonts we’ve used to make it a completely different experience. You can see how we’ve gone for a much more organic and softer look. There’s still all the features that made it great before, it’s just now you’ve got another style option when it comes to building your next website.

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New Variation: KB Blue with Images

On friday we launched a brand new child theme, it’s a complete re-work of the knowledgebase theme, using the same functions and features, just with a completely new look. Today we’re releasing two variations of that same theme, this time in blue rather than purple. All existing customers can re-download the bundle from their dashboard and they’ll have access to the new themes as well as the ones released last Friday.

Knowledgebase Blue: With Images

Click to Demo Theme

This is a simple colour variation of the Knowledgebase With Images theme we’ve already released. If you want to read more details about that theme you can read what we’ve already posted there. We have a few more variations of this theme coming, including a dark alternative. For now though, check out the demos and take a look around:

Demo the New Themes

Demo Knowledgebase with Images
Demo The same: with Sidebar

Buy The Bundle & This Theme

If you don’t already have The Bundle you can buy this variation, as well as around 50 other themes and variations in the bundle, which also includes this Icon Set, from the sidebar, or start the buy process now. Everything is included for only $250.

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