Some Fixes for January 10th 2011

As well as releasing some new themes we’ve also been working hard to improve the way our core themes work. If you’ve had any problems with any of our themes it’s advised that you download the latest release from your dashboard. It includes the new themes, and all of the fixes we’ve worked on since launch. Don’t forget to report any issues you have in our support forums too.


10.01.2011 – Version
* Updated jquery.custom.js equalHeight calls to fix grid issues.


10.01.2011 – Version
* Updated woo_filter_page_title to display the site name instead of “Knowledgebase”
* Updated knowledgebase.po (was empty before)
* Added filters for post type slugs in theme-functions.php


10.01.2011 – Version
* Updated gallery.php to reset query (caused mutliple posts to show)


10.01.2010 – Version
* Updated support.php and theme-options.php for a functional contact form.

New Additions

Knowledgebase Purple With Images. Details.
Knowledgebase Blue With Images. Details.

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New: Knowledgebase with Images

Since launch (and for some time before) we’ve been working on some heavy modifications of our core themes. Today we can release the first of many many many of these. All of these heavy modifications, or child themes, will be released free to all WPBundle customers.

Knowledgebase: With Images

Click to Demo Theme

To show how versatile the Knowledgebase theme is, we’ve been working on a variation that takes it away from being mostly text based, and gone for something far more visual and interesting to the eye. We’re all about giving you variety; variety of uses and variety of styles, so you can now use Knowledgebase for far more than you’d imagine.

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Essence & WorkPlay Fix December 28th

We’ve had a few updates since release, this latest release is just for a couple of issues on Essence, and Work & Play, it’s advised to look out for new updates and keep downloading the latest version, just to avoid any problems we might have already covered. You can go to your dashboard and re-download the latest version now.


26.12.2010 – Version
* Fixed variable name causing some servers to throw an error in theme-options.php line 235.
* Added == “true” to includes on homepage. Woo options saves as string.
* Added placeholder fallback for other browsers. (jquery.custom.js)

Work & Play

27.12.2010 – Version
* Updated $feedurl variable in footer.php

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Fixes & .po Files: December 20th 2010

In this latest update we’ve added default .po files to each theme to allow for easy translation. If you can help us translate any of the themes into different languages for the good of the community please drop us a line and help us out, we’ll make sure to give you full credit for any translations that you submit. We’ve also updated a few other themes.

All Themes

20.12.2010 – Version 0.1.x
* Added default .po file for translation.


19.12.2010 – Version 0.1.2
* Updated jquery.custom.js to more reliably calculate the size of the featured area.


20.12.2010 – Version 0.1.3
* Added default .po file for translation.

12.19.2010 – Version
* Fixed links not clickable on search page in jquery.custom.js
* Removed option for custom style sheet in theme-optinos.php

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Latest Few Fixes: December 17th 2010

If you have any more issues, please do let us know in the support forums. We’re working through all reported bugs as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and for those who have helped by reporting bugs. Thanks.

All Themes

17.12.2010 – Version 0.1.x
* Removed actions from theme-actions.php

All Diverse Child Themes

17.12.2010 – Version 0.1.1
* Changed overflow:auto; to overflow:hidden; on #main-body, #featured (line 215)


08.17.2010 – Version 0.1.2
* When comments are disabled, the .post-meta no longer shrinks (offsetting the title) line 742 in style.css.
* Menu now is properly vertically aligned in Firefox. style.css line 670.

Work & Play

17.12.2010 – Version 0.1.2
* Added back to the site sidebar-single.php follow links
* Fixed custom RSS URL not being used. (sidebar-single.php)
* Removed actions from theme-actions.php


12.15.2010 – Version 0.1.2
* Removed actions from theme-actions.php
* Gallery images now link to full size images.
* Permalink anchor now properly reflects current position.


17.12.2010 – Version 0.1.1
* Fixed custom RSS Feed URL (includes/templates/social.php)

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