Vote for $15 Off Your favourite Theme

We’re introducing a new feature that we’ll be running over the next 10 weeks or so. We want you guys to vote for your favourite theme. Each week we’ll make the most popular theme $15 cheaper. Voting is quick and simple and requires no sign up.

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New Prices, Mini-Bundles, Single Themes

We’re happy to announce that from today you can now buy individual themes at WPBundle for only $50. Any individual theme sales include free support, updates and child theme variations, plus access to our ever growing Icon set. We’ve also reduced the price of the full Bundle to only $200.

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Discount Codes Explained

As a thank you for those early adopters and supporters among you, we set some discount codes (as promised) – If you have not yet received your code, go and check the email address that you signed up to our Newsletter with. We cannot send the codes to any other email addresses, sorry.

What discounts are available

Standard Bundle Price: $250
Price for Original Backers: $100
WooThemes Club Subscription Members: $100
Any WooThemes Customer: $150
Email Subscribers Before August 24, 2010: 50% Off
Email Subscribers August 24, 2010 onwards: 10% Off

One per customer & more details

You will only be permitted to use one coupon code at the time of purchase. So if you are eligible for more than one code, make sure you pick the one that is best for you. All discounts issued on launch day will expire on Friday, January 31st 2011.

All customers who order with a discount will have full access to updates and future releases from the first bundle, as any other customer would. We’ve got a lot of releases to come in the coming days, weeks and months so what you see on the main site at the moment is just the tip of the iceberg.

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