Online Culture: The Internet is Made of Kittens

For all the “Marley & Me’s” and “Beverly Hills Chihuahuas,” for all the Lassies and Benjis, there are almost no movies about cats. Untrainable, skittish and unpredictable beasts that they are, cats are a bust in Hollywood.

Photography Troubleshooting: No More Bad Photos

Running into problems when taking photographs over, and over again? Here’s a handy guide that will help you troubleshoot your problems, and improve your shots all at once!

Can Technology Bridge the Gap for Remote Teams?

Entrepreneur and VC Mark Suster believes that “in-person” teams are much more effective than those that collaborate remotely. Suster says that it’s hard for distributed teams to communicate effectively

15 Japanese Startups Demo Their Services

On Saturday, I attended WISH 2010 in Tokyo (where I live) to see a total of 15 Japanese startups presenting their services onstage to a panel of judges and an audience of 550 people. The event was organized by online marketing company Agile Media Network.

Robbie Williams Turns On Blackpool Lights

Robbie Williams was in Blackpool last night to switch on the famous illuminations. A crowd of over 15,000 assembled to watch the Take That star turn on the lights, which will shine for 66 nights until November 7.