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Basement Jaxx – Jazzalude

Basement Jaxx started in Brixton, South London in 1994, where they held a regular night club called Basement Jaxx. Held in a variety of venues including The George IV, The Crypt and The Junction. They were joined by DJs including DJ Sneak, Daft Punk and the singer Corrina Joseph. They mutated the night into a equally popular club called Rooty.


Mark Ronson – The Bike Song

Add this song to your list of bicycle odes (“Bicycle Race” and “Bicycle, Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle” are on there, right?), though it’s really about using your time on your bike to clear your head and stay young. “The Bike Song” features the View’s Kyle Falconer and Spank Rock, and was co-written by The Zutons’s Dave McCabe.


Treat Your Blog Like a Business!

Liz Strauss gave a masterclass tonight; at least, that’s how it felt to both Frederick and myself. We talked about communicating with your audience, and Liz shared some experiences about open comment nights. We discussed positioning your blog.