WPBundle: A WordPress Themes Bundle by Function

For many people, this is the first you’ve heard of this. We’ve not really spoke about WPBundle before, we’ve just had our heads down working hard on it for a few months now. WPBundle is a Bundle of WordPress Themes we’re busy building and we’ve just launched the WPBundle Progress Blog.

What is WPBundle

WPBundle or WordPress Bundle, is as it sounds, a WordPress Themes Bundle, built by Function. It will include 10 core themes, and multiple style variations. We’ll be adding style variations throughout the life of the project to offer you regularly updated designs to work with your themes, as well as core fixes and upgrades. Each theme has its own design style and unique functionality. The idea is that the bundle will give you the chance to have a theme for any kind of site and style.

The Bundle will contain all sorts of extra treats, not to mention one massive set of icons that we’re designing especially for the set.



  1. 01
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