Knowledgebase Shortcodes

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[intro]Many of the themes include custom shortcodes that allow easier post creation. You can read all about shortcodes, on the WordPress.org Codex[/intro]


The Knowledgebase theme supports the most shortcodes, and an understanding of them is vital to using the theme correctly.

Adding Resources

To add a resource section to a post, use the following shortcode:

[resource label="Click to Download" title="WPBundle WordPress Theme" source="http://wpbundle.com/theme.zip" date="September 17, 2010" type="file"]
  • type: (string) (required) The type of resource. Either external or file. Default: external.
  • label: (string) (optional) Label the resource box with a subtext above the title. Default: Go to File Source or Click to Download (dependent on type)
  • title: (string) (required) The title of the file/resource that you are linking to. Default: None.
  • source: (string) (required) The URL of the file you are linking to. A file download, or an external link. Default: None.
  • date: (string) (optional) The date which the file was added. Default: None.
  • size: (string)(optional) The size of the file to be downloaded. (Usually meant for file downloads.)

Pulling an Image

To pull an image outside of the text box of the post, use the following shortcode.

[pull-image align="right"]
  • align: (string) (optional) Which direction to pull the image out, left or right. Default: left.

Introduction Paragraphs

Often time you may want to create an “introduction” paragraph that stands out slightly more than the rest.

  • none

More to come…