Creating a Homepage

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Many of the WPBundle themes feature custom homepages, different than the default blog-style layout. There are a few steps that need to be taken in order to activate it.

Creating the Page

Before anything else, you first need to Create a Page. Add a title of “Home”, or something similar.

Assigning the Template

Select “Homepage” from the list of templates.

Then we need to apply a page template. On the right hand side, select “Homepage” as the Page Template. No content needs to be added to the body of this page, as the page template will take care of populating the page for you. Now Publish this page.


Now that the page has been created, we need to tell WordPress that we want to use that page as the front page. From WordPress.org:

A Page can easily be set to be your site’s Front Page. Visit the Administration > Settings > Reading panel and under Front page displays, you can choose to set any (published) Page or Posts Page as the Front Page. The default setting shows your blog with the latest blog posts.

As said above, simply choose “Homepage,” and now the front page of your site will be using the custom template.

Blog Page

If you still want a way for your users to be able to simply view a list of posts, then you also need to assign a page for Posts.

Simply create a new page called “Blog”, and leave the body blank again. Publish this page. Now back in the “Reading Panel,” select this page as the “Posts Page”