ReForum – New bbPress Theme

ReForum is a fresh look at how forums can look. Built from the ground up to be quick and easy to browse, we think we’ve come up with something that makes exploring and participating in discussions easier than ever. The theme also comes with a blog style layout, which you can use on it’s own, or alongside your bbPress forum. The bbPress plugin is required (and free) for ReForum to work.

ReForum WordPress Theme

Demo ReForum Theme – or the Light Variation

Making a forum theme that stood out and looked unique was a challenge, but one that we absolutely loved. We used soft combinations of textures and surfaces to achieve the final look, but we’ve also included a stripped-back “light” version which can be the perfect starting point for your own modifications. Be sure to check out the demo to fully appreciate the theme in all it’s glory.

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Brand New Theme: Tickle

We’ve collaborated with the hugely talented Jo Klima to bring you a brand new theme to the Bundle: Tickle. Existing and new bundle customers will now see the theme is available & included, but it is also available on it’s own with an individual license for only $50.

Tickle WordPress Theme

Demo Tickle Theme

Explore the demo (above) to fully explore the beautiful, texture, typography and details that Jo has injected into the theme. Tickle is a very cute, soft and natural blogging theme, powered by WordPress, that we think would be ideal for something along the lines of a fashion blog, or wedding site, to something as simple as a personal blog or portfolio.

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Diverse 0.2.2

Diverse has been updated to 0.2.2 — Although the updates are minor, they are important. Please update to 0.2.2 as soon as possible. The way the options are stored has changed from being Page/Category Titles, to IDs. This allows for less code when querying certain parts of the site.

Use your original Quixly URL to download the latest version of the theme. Both individual theme zips, as well as the full bundle have been updated.

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Diverse 0.2 Update

Diverse has been one of our most popular themes. However, being the first theme to be coded, it was coded the longest ago. I’m not one for letting code go stale, and having to work with Diverse almost every day, I finally decided it was time for an update. I tracked the changes in Git, and I made over 80 commits, including a few fixes, and a bunch of updates. Some of the important updates include:

  • Updated all jQuery plugins to latest version, or new scripts (see: jquery.jcarousellite.js), as well as updated the Diverse jQuery.
  • Galleries and Videos are now handled through Post Formats
  • get_template_part() is now being properly utilized, and incorrect calls now use locate_template()
  • Built in Custom Headers and Custom Backgrounds

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We’re part of BundleHunt 4

WPBundle is currently part of BundleHunt 4, along with 12 other quality Design Resources and Mac Apps, all for only $50. The BundleHunt offer isn’t running forever, it ends at the end of May; so now is a great time to grab 3 of our themes plus the icon set, as well as many other useful tools.

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